Finally, you can send bank transfer whit your bitcoin

How many times have thought to send a bank transfer, safe, secure and confidential? Well now you can with our service.

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Total Protection

Our network is secured with SSL, 256-bit encryption and also to ensure the privacy of our customers do not require any registration. So you covered the most sophisticated online banking secrecy.


For maximum anonymity, our platform interfaces with the anonymous virtual currency for excellence called Bitcoin . The merger of our service together with the use of bitcoin will provide your privacy on bulletproof payment so your bank secrecy.

Proof of payment

To ensure protection of our clients on sending transfers, a proof of payment will be generated that will be destroyed itself after payment has been submitted successfully.

No Logs, no email, no registration, no spam

Our service does not require any registration and will not be saved on our servers track of your payments also do not receive any notification by email of any kind, because the whole process will be generated fully automatically from our platform.

Protect Your Privacy

Send now for complete online security and privacy.

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